Project Duration: 4 weeks

Team Size: 1

Position: Level Designer

Platform: PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

DownloadSnowflake Game (1.87 GB)


Snowflake is a student portfolio game taking inspiration from games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and the late P.T. The player wakes up in a cabin, but something isn't right...Snowflake has logic puzzles and riddles that are akin to Silent Hill in difficulty. Beware, you may need to find clues in the environment! As a student project I wanted to push myself as much as possible and go beyond 110%.

    The primary goal of the project was to create an experience within 4 weeks that showcased story, puzzles, atmosphere, and world building. I worked on this game to improve my technical, level, and narrative design skills. Some of the things I worked on are:

    • Designed puzzles and player interactions with narrative in mind to create flow that allowed story beats and game challenge to be experienced holistically.
    • Worked within a modular kit to build the level.
    • Setup all lighting and atmospheric effects.
    • Recorded, mixed, and placed all audio.
    • Wrote all scripts and in-game text.
    • Used framing and staging to create hints within the environment.
    • Placed objects in ways to convey proper affordance to the player.
    • Developed a dynamic depth of field using off tick ray traces to determine and lerp to the new depth blur.
    • Implemented Sound based detection using ray traces to identify surface (wood, stone, carpet) and then run through an array of sounds to create a more natural sounding walk.
    • Standardized keyboard and mouse mappings for FPS genre, equipped with flashlight, zoom, head bobble, sprint, and crouch.
    • Created custom textures and materials like the notes in the house and books for puzzle 3.