Snowflake is a personal project and game taking inspiration from other games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and the late P.T.

The player wakes up in a cabin, but something isn't right...Snowflake has logic puzzles and riddles that are akin to Silent Hill in difficulty. Beware, you may need to find clues in the environment! This small experience merges some Holiday charm with some chilling atmosphere.

Built in Unreal Engine 4


What did I Do?

I was a Game Designer

  • Designed puzzles and player interactions with narrative in mind to create flow that allowed story beats and game challenge to be experienced holistically

  • Worked within a modular kit to build the level

  • Setup all lighting and atmospheric effects

  • Recorded, mixed, and placed all audio

  • Wrote all scripts and in-game text

  • Used framing and staging to create hints within the environment attached to the story

  • Placed objects in ways to convey proper affordance to the player

  • Developed a dynamic depth of field using off tick ray traces to determine and lerp to the new depth blur

  • Implemented Sound based detection using ray traces to identify surface (wood, stone, carpet) and then run through an array of sounds to create a more natural sounding walk

  • Standardized keyboard and mouse mappings for FPS genre, equipped with flashlight, zoom, head bobble, sprint, and crouch

  • Created custom textures and materials like the notes in the house and books for puzzle 3