Project Duration: 1.5 weeks

Team Size: 1

Position: Level Designer

Platform: PC Steam

Engine: Creation Kit

Download: [Steam Workshop]


A story of Ash is a dungeon and quest mod for Skyrim. I wanted to create a short experience where the player could explore a mine with a bit of story and puzzles. The player can stumble upon the location or enter it via quest from Malven Alen, a custom NPC with a bit of backstory delivered through the in-game dialogue. I also voiced acted his lines so that he fit into the world as a Dunmer from Morrowind. I took careful strides to replicate the sound of the Dunmer from that particular game. 

This mod was a week long student assignment that I pushed an extra half a week to complete and publish on steam. I wanted to see the idea through and successfully ship the mod in the steam workshop for players to download. Since then it has received good feedback and is being installed and run.

  • Built level using modular kits caves and mines splicing the two together to create a more natural feeling cavern.
  • Provided a diamond path that has two rewarding outcomes providing more eureka moments for the player.
  • Placed all NPCs, items, chests, and traps to encourage exploration and create moments of discovery.
  • Marked significant containers and characters usable by the radiant quest system within the Skyrim game.
  • Created custom NPC and questline, wrote and voice recorded all dialogue.
  • Re-purposed tripwires into a puzzle that could be activated by range. Placed bow in-case player had no ranged skills/weapons.