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Development Status: Complete: Skyrim Workshop

Project Duration: 1.5 weeks

Team Size: 1

Position: Level Designer

Platform: PC Steam

Engine: Creation Kit

Download: [Steam Workshop]


A story of Ash is a dungeon and quest mod for Skyrim. I wanted to create a short experience where the player could explore a mine with a bit of story and puzzles. The player can stumble upon the location or enter it via quest from Malven Alen, a custom NPC with a bit of backstory delivered through the in-game dialogue. I also voiced acted his lines so that he fit into the world as a Dunmer from Morrowind. I took careful strides to replicate the sound of the Dunmer from that particular game.

  • Built level using modular kits caves and mines splicing the two together to create a more natural feeling cavern.
  • Provided a diamond path that has two rewarding outcomes providing more eureka moments for the player.
  • Placed all NPCs, items, chests, and traps.
  • Marked significant containers and characters usable by the radiant quest system.
  • Created custom NPC and questline, wrote and voice recorded all dialogue.
  • Re-purposed tripwires into a puzzle that could be activated by range. Placed bow in-case player had no ranged skills/weapons.