Skyrim Mod: A Story of Ash

  • Download on the Steam Workshop (requires Skyrim)

  • 1 Week development time

A story of Ash is a dungeon and quest mod for Skyrim. I wanted to create a short experience a short narrative experience. The player can stumble upon the location or enter it via quest from Malven Alen, a Dunmer migrating from Morrowind. I personally voiced acted this character and I took careful strides to replicate the sound of the Dunmer from that particular game. 


What did I Do?

I was a level/quest designer

  • Used the creation kit mod tool and various outside tools to package dialogue

  • Built the dungeon based on established guidelines for caves and mines

  • Provided a golden path with several alternates and a secret

  • Managed the placement of all items, traps, and NPCs to create pacing between combat and rewards

  • Encouraged exploration with hidden areas and mining resources

  • Used lights to guide the players eye

  • Created custom NPC, quest, dialogue, and voice acted the part

  • Re-purposed tripwires into a puzzle that required ranged activation

  • Used affordance to assist with the puzzle by placing a bow in front of the gate

  • Placed all lighting and set dress detail

  • Setup environmental storytelling areas to tell a secondary story to the quest