System Design Documents

This section contains various systems design, class design, and econmic designs.

CASTLE AR Conceptual Draft

This document was designed and written by Brandon Kidwell, Brian Wamsher, and Richard Smith. My overall contributions to this system was in Chapters 1, 2, 6, 7, and 8. The document is not complete as the project was canceled. I designed the physical classes, AR resource, armor, profession, estate, prestige skill, elegant skill, and overall combat systems. A vast majority of the design was created following player feedback from previous systems and then using mathematical models to balance.



Aymir D12 Mathematical Model

This is a model created to balance the combat aspects of the tabletop RPG Aymir D12. Since the game is using a d12 the probability of hitting certain numbers is vastly different then a d20. On top of that players make counter rolls Accuracy vs Evasion which needed to be tested to see if combat would favor attacker, defender, or stalemate. Stats were setup to create interesting player choices but also discourage stat dumping.

An example class document for the game: View Online