Prototypes Overview

I am passionate about making games, and as such I build prototypes and have worked on prototypes with others in the past. My time spent at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) has ingrained in me the art of Rapid Prototyping. Below are some samples of prototypes.



Cute and chaotic fun! Play as one of 7 different character classes in a quick and deadly multiplayer PvP arena shooter where only the quick witted survive. Compete against your friends in classic team deathmatch or overcharge yourself and pummel the enemy base in our Orbomb game mode!

  • Designed a unique health/ammo system that utilizes ammo as a primary resource

  • Created the seaside level and designed the sub-traversal system

  • Handled various character abilities and balance

  • Hooked up various UI components and created art assets

  • Scripted various power-ups


Snowmaniacs is a 1v1 cat-and-mouse chase game that had the constraint of being fun. The prototype was created for the 1st RPP project at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. Two players fight each other on a lake of ice and obstacles. Each snowman can slide along ice using snow drifts or rocks to stop themselves. The first to ram his torch into the other is the victor! The landscape of the frozen lake comes in 6 levels and has a variety of hazards.

  • Established a core design and vision following the requirement of "fun"

  • Led brainstorming sessions with designers to establish obstacles based on potential player tactics

  • Assisted artists in creating UI that fit the style set by the artists.

  • Worked with artists to establish the character design inspired by a team members suggestion of "crazy snowmen with torches"

  • Handled the layout and creation of levels 2 & 5

Six Days Until Summer VR

Six Days Until Summer is a VR otome dating sim that had the constraint of new technology. The prototype was created for the 5th project in RPP at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. The game takes place in a metaphorical anime classroom depicting comical versions of students from FIEA Cohort 13. The player is the only female student at the school and can attempt to develop a relationship with any of the students. The catch is that one of the students is a Yandere and if he isn't satisfied someone may get hurt!

  • Pitched initial concept of the game to explore the dating sim genre in VR

  • Created the core design for the game interaction and how day cycles functioned between interactions

  • Designed date mode where players must find "conversation bubbles" that the date has referenced and toss them for increased fun in using VR

  • Researched Otome games and the target audience to provide a tailored experience for the target audience

  • Worked with programmers to implement genre specific UI in VR