Why did baba yaga take my brother VR


Why Did Baba Yaga Take My Brother? is a VR research project built in conjunction with a PhD student from the University of Florida. It is intended to let educators and researchers test and encourage empathetic development in young children by immersing them in a Russian Folktale. Player's take the central role in the folktale and are guided by the helpful and wise mouse to find their missing brother. Throughout the tale players are tasked with engaging characters in the world both through dialogue, memories, and perspective systems.


What did I Do?

Producer/Level Designer

  • Led a team of 15 interdisciplinary students to develop a VR game that followed the vision of a PhD research student.

  • Worked with client and outside sources to identify project goals and solidify design and milestones of the project.

  • Created wire frames to illustrate the flow of dialogue that was used to create an interactive system for the researcher and designer to implement new content.

  • Implemented all dialogue trees and interaction using Yarn tool and blueprint script.

  • Built the game environment, set dressed, placed lighting, and crafted the play spaces using assets created by the artists.

  • Implemented audio via Yarn and blueprint script. Created minor cinematic moments between the player and other characters.