Madden Overdrive


Get ready for your next great football experience as Madden NFL Mobile becomes Madden NFL Overdrive. Download today to build your NFL team and dominate the competition in real-time PvP. Strategize with NFL Captains and Coaches and experience the gridiron like never before with realistic physics, new animations, and broadcast-style presentation.


What did I Do?

I was an Assistant Producer/Systems Designer

  • Worked with product managers to design economy and systems for launch programs

  • With other designers I proposed and championed new modes of play and features such as the addition of skill based mechanics

  • Delivering compelling NFL content on aggressive schedules, never missing a deadline

  • Collaborated with artists to establish affordance and UX within the interface and live maps, store, and sets

  • Scripted special live event functionality

  • Established modular design for programs and promos

  • Designed and implemented some of the most successful live maps in the season

  • Created high revenue days and high player sentiment

  • Assisted community managers with player feedback and forum/Reddit interactions

  • Weaving narrative into the live event maps and promos, providing a lot more substance for Madden fans

  • and a lot more!