Portal 2: Puzzle Editor

I built a small scenario for players to follow through attempting to make puzzles that the original developers had not shown in their games. What I learned from these projects was testing is key to understanding flow and discovering impossible win conditions. Through testing I was able to create more interesting puzzles and fix puzzles that had conditions where the player could get trapped unable to advance.


Tenchu 2: Mission Editor

When I was younger I had a lot of fun building maps in older games. Tenchu 2 was the first game I used in which I was blown away by the editor. I made levels for my friends and I know they grew tired of me forcing them to play the game. I go back to this game from time to time to make more levels, but I must admit the editor is very constrained and has not aged well.


FarCry 2: Editor

I have a love for FPS games so I had many fun hours building maps in FarCry 2. Sadly this games content discovery was not the best so I had very limited testing capabilities. I focused on trying to develop interesting spaces that players could use tactically. I made sure to include site lines, side routes, and choke points. I also took pride in establishing small narrative details with these maps.

FarCry 3: Editor

I worked in the FarCry 3 editor on PC to build this map. I wanted to focus on developing a control point map so I established 3 key locations for the players to control .These are all separated with multiple routes and choke points leading from point to point. My favorite location was Point A on the beach which featured a ship docked that could act as an advantage point for snipers or long ranged attackers. This was not part of the control area so the player would have to make the decision to rely on their ability to take out targets or leave the safety of the ship to move in and defend at close range.