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Project Duration: 8 months

Team Size: 18

Position: Level Designer, Writer

Platform: PC Steam

Engine: Unreal Engine 4


Hollowed is a 3D side-scrolling adventure game where the player controls two characters with one controller. Play as Halia and her spirit "Oco" as they take on the trials of the Horned One to bring back something lost. The player will have to progress through a fantastical world solving puzzles that require different forms of Oco. Reveal, Explode, Swap, and carry the Weight of Halia's past into the future.

  • Assisted production with creating importance metrics for tasks that improved production speed
  • Documented pre-production designs and concepts as well as setting up a confluence wiki to hold our world documentation
  • Designed/documented the "Reveal" mechanic that enables the player to hide and reveal objects in the game world within a sphere of influence
  • Placed or created base geometry of the levels and puzzles, worked with environmental artists to flesh these areas out following the design vision
  • Created a lighting blueprint to improve artists workflow and maintain consistency based on art leads feedback and goals
  • Used a custom data collection tool in unreal to record player deaths to iterate on game flow with the project lead and design lead

My primary role on the project after pre-production was level design and writing. I commonly assisted other team members by clearing blocks and solving problems. We wanted to convey the stages of grief in our levels and abilities. We focused on deconstructing each stage into tone, color, and symbolism. It was my job to research and document a great deal of this information so that the team could have easy access to details and inspirations. I placed geometry, scripted events, built tools, and setup environmental story pieces throughout the game. I enjoyed working with the team and brainstorming different ways the character and the world would convey the different emotional tones.

Below is an early version of the opening level that introduces Oco and the diferent abilities.

Hollowed Dev Team (Project Polish Productions)

Hollowed Dev Team (Project Polish Productions)