Development Status: In-development

Project Duration: Ongoing

Team Size: 18

Position: Level (World) Designer

Platform: PC Steam

Engine: Unreal Engine 4


Hollowed is a 3D side-scrolling adventure game where the player controls two characters with one controller. Play as Halia and her spirit "Oco" as they take on the trials of the Horned One to bring back something lost. The player will have to progress through a fantastical world solving puzzles that require different forms of Oco. Reveal, Explode, Swap, and carry the Weight of Halia's past to the future.

  • Developed initial concept and pitch documents during pre-production, expanded ideas through brainstorming with a small team.
  • Created, concepted, communicated, and implemented the lore into the game based on the stages of grief.
  • Oversaw layout of play-space geometry in the opening, closing,  two keystone puzzles, and over 25% of the main levels.
  • Constructed a light blueprint that provided consistent color, lighting standards, and improved performance.
  • Worked with lead designer to update puzzles and game-play space based on player feedback to improve flow and adapt difficulty based on "Oco" abilities used.
  • Designed the "Reveal" mechanic that enables the player to hide and reveal objects in the game world within a sphere of influence.

My overall contribution was level design and world building. In most cases I placed the first layer of geometry in over 50% of the game. I handled the development of the lore, using internal feedback to push the story, theme, and characters in the right direction for the game. In pre-production I pitched the initial concept to the team and designed the premise of the four major abilities of Oco. I was responsible for fleshing out and designing the "Reveal" mechanic more thoroughly. I assisted and worked closely with environmental artists to help create more consistency in visuals and lighting. I assisted in some producer work as well helping to run playtests, interviews, and task management.

Hollowed is currently in development with plans to release in late August 2017. Below is an early version of the full tutorial.