Project Pumpkin

Genre: Fantasy Brawler/Fighter

Engine: Game Maker Studio

Team Size: 2

Roles: Game Designer



Project Pumpkin is the prototype from a Game Jam project with a Halloween Theme for the Southwest Ohio Video Game Initiative. The initial vision of the game was a 2D hand drawn brawler with an atmospheric background illustrating the theme of Halloween and to expanding on the world of Aymir. 

  • Designed character, world, & creatures.
  • Designed combat system & mechanics.
  • Created all art assets including animation.
  • Created and implemented all UI assets.
  • Implemented Parallax scrolling with background assets.

Druids Grove

Genre: Turn based strategy

Team Size: 1

Roles: Game Designer


Druids Grove is a game prototype I developed during undergrad. The game pits 2 players against each other and each of them fight for territory and resources. Druids Grove was designed as a turn based strategy that attracts a target audience familiar with but not devoted to this genre . The design pushes the mechanics to allow for strategy and deep layers of choices. I designed a balanced set of creatures but I would like to explore a more robust system of stats and units. The game was built to be expandable by adding in different sets such as Knights, Wizards, and Necromancers. This sets up the game for longevity and potential revenue growth through expansions to the core game.

Download the latest version! [Druid's Grove Boardgame-08122016]