Castle Larp is a live action role-playing game designed to offer players a wide variety of customization. The game is great entertainment that provides exercise and social interaction for weekend events. Players can choose from seven different classes all tailored to classic RPG roles that act as guidelines. The player has the power to evolve and develop their character however they want! Gameplay is organic and free form allowing players to make decisions and perform actions that you normally couldn’t in a video game. Imagination is the limit and Castle Larp is the playground!


What did I Do?

I was a Game Master/Quest Designer/Game Designer

  • Created the designs for Warden and Adept introducing class archetypes that were not currently represented in the competition.

  • Redesigned class balances to provide a balance between focused skills and cross class skill that led to more interesting options for the player.

  • Pitched and designed milestone skills that created more incentive to specialize and established long term goals for players to build towards.

  • Established the skeleton for races, cosmos, world map/history, and led other writers to complete the racial compendium.

  • Wrote cosmos and major factions to provide political intrigue and fluff for both quest designers and players to build backstory.

  • Play-tested combat mechanics and economic system changes to balance the game.

  • Implemented money sinks to create a well rounded economy and lower inflation rates.